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Numi Health and Edmonton International Airport are working with Suncor Energy to help create a safe environment for employees as they travel to work. This page contains essential information on the Suncor Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Screening Program and provides a simple form to register below.

Follow these easy steps to get started:

.Register and provide your consent to participate in the testing program.

.Arrive at Edmonton International Airport at least 90 minutes before your flight. Rapid antigen screening is available 2 hours before morning flights and 4 hours before mid-day or evening flights.

.We are located in the Departures Level across from Door 25/26. After your one-time registration, simply show your Suncor badge at the Numi/Suncor screening area and you will be directed to the screening swab station. There is no cost to Suncor employees or contractors.

.The rapid antigen test involves a gentle nasal swab performed by a Numi Health professional. It is quick and painless.

.If the test is negative, you will be provided with a confirmation text message. Show this confirmation text to exit the results waiting area and receive the wristband required to board your Suncor charter flight. You may then proceed to check any bags, complete CATSA security and head to the gate.

.If the test is positive, Numi will collect another sample for a PCR test, to confirm the result, and you will be instructed to isolate until the PCR result is available (typically, 24 - 72 hours). Safe transportation and access to a nearby isolation hotel will be provided, if necessary. These additional supports are paid for by Suncor and there will be no charge to you.

.All passengers must be tested and have their results 45 minutes before departure. To ensure your test is done on time, please arrive at the airport with plenty of time before your flight.

.Starting May 10, a negative test will be required to be cleared for duty and board the aircraft.

If you have any questions about the program, please email the Numi Customer Care team at

Please review the consent below and register for testing. We look forward to seeing you soon!


This form details how your personal information will be collected, used and disclosed as part of your participation in Suncor’s COVID-19 Screening Program. The purposes of this Program are:

(i) to help ensure safer workplaces and communities, and reduce adverse economic impacts from COVID-19, and

(ii) to supplement Suncor’s COVID-19 workplace protocols to ensure safe entry and participation in the workplace.

The Screening Program:

.Suncor is requiring “rapid” COVID-19 screening for select worksites / critical business areas. This screening program applies to employees and on-site contractors. This screening is intended for asymptomatic screening subjects.

.This screening program does not replace or cancel any of Suncor’s COVID-19 protocols or public health authority guidance, with which you must comply at all times.

.In all cases, Suncor will use Health-Canada approved screening technologies.

.The screening experience is very similar to what is commonly offered by regional health authorities (nasal swab).

.You will be asked to provide two samples per week for the duration of the screening program.

.The privacy practices outlined in this form, along with your consent, apply throughout the screening program. Please retain a copy of this form for your records. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant resources below.

What happens if your results are “preliminary positive” for the presence of COVID-19:

.You understand and agree that, if your results are “preliminary positive,” you will be subject to Suncor’s on-site COVID- 19 protocols, including the following. Conclusive determination of your COVID-19 status must be made through a subsequent PCR health authority test.

.Normal workplace COVID-19 protocols will be implemented, meaning that you will be immediately required to physically distance from others and use appropriate PPE. You may be required to work from home / avoid the workplace as an interim measure until cleared to return to work. Contact tracing and workplace sterilization may also be conducted.

.You will be asked to undergo regional health authority testing, and to report the results to your employer’s health department or designated representative.

.Air passengers taking Suncor-arranged travel inbound to site will be denied airline boarding to maintain the safety of workers, until cleared to return to work.

What information will be released:

.Your COVID-19 antigen nasal swab sample and the results your COVID-19 screening result(s), which may indicate the possible presence of COVID-19.

.A completed copy of this consent and acknowledgement form.

.Any information or observations relevant to the COVID-19 screening processes, including any potential COVID-19 related symptoms that you report.

.Personal information that you provide or which is collected during the registration and/or screening process, including your name, contact details, employee ID, worksite location.

.Where COVID - 19 screening is required, your participation in the screening program (including your name, badge number and the date(s) of your screening) may be shared with your employer’s health management or human resources personnel (Suncor or contractor organization, as applicable) for purposes of ensuring compliance with Suncor’s COVID - 19 site screening requirements. Your actual screening result(s) will not be disclosed.

.Non-identifying, aggregate information concerning your participation in the screening program will be provided to an industry consortium (in which Suncor is a participant), Health Canada and provincial health authorities (if required) for the purpose of establishing the efficacy (and to support the potential widespread use) of rapid screening technology to detect COVID-19. Your name or other personal identifiers will not be disclosed to these parties.

.Non-identifying, aggregate information concerning your participation in the screening program will also be provided to Suncor management in order to understand and respond to COVID-19 impacts on Suncor’s operations generally.

Parties that will release and/or receive the above information and documentation, as required:

.The collection personnel hired by Suncor to collect and administer the screening samples, including the collector’s employees, agents, and physician(s). Depending on location, Suncor has contracted DriverCheck Inc., DXP/HSE Integrated Ltd ., Onyx Industrial Inc., or Numi Health Inc. The collection personnel will conduct your COVID - 19 antigen screening and will disclose the results of your screening as described on this form.

.Limited Suncor personnel on a need-to-know basis, who are responsible for implementing Suncor’s COVID-19 related protocols including workplace sanitization, implementation of contact tracing measures, investigating the effectiveness of COVID-19 protocols, etc.

.Local health authorities, if required for COVID-19 reporting purposes.

The following additional disclosures must also be made in the event of a “preliminary positive” screening result:

For Suncor Employees:

.Suncor designated site leads will be notified if your screen is “preliminary positive” for COVID-19. Your leader or leader once-removed will be informed, in order to implement Suncor’s Managing On-Site Symptomatic and Close Contact Protocol and to manage workforce resourcing requirements.

.Suncor Health and Wellness, in order to provide any required follow-up. This includes establishing your fitness for duty / return to work and conducting any necessary safety assessment.

For Contractors:

.Suncor designated site leads will be notified if your screen is “preliminary positive” for COVID-19. Your onsite leader or appropriate contractor organization representative will be informed, in order to implement Suncor’s Managing On-Site Symptomatic and Close Contact Protocol for respective sites.

Suncor requires rapid screening participation as a condition of site access for all inbound Fly-in/Fly-out (FIFO) travel and at select worksites based on local conditions, including outbreak status. Failure to participate may result in pay and benefits stoppage and/or other employment consequences. You may withdraw your consent to the disclosure of screening results and related information. However, once disclosed the parties listed above may be required to retain this information for legal and regulatory purposes.

Questions about Suncor’s privacy policies or practices may be addressed to DriverCheck’s Privacy Policy is available at or through 800-463-4310. DXP/HSE Integrated Inc.’s Privacy Policy is available at Onyx Industrial Inc.’s Privacy policy is available at or through 1 (877) 599-6762 (ext. 2.) Numi Health Inc. is available at or through 1-844- 438-6864.

Your personal information will be protected by all parties listed above using appropriate security measures and will only be used and disclosed as described above.

I agree to participate in Suncor’s COVID-19 Screening Program and I authorize and consent to the release of my personal information to the parties named above, including to their employees and agents if required:
First Name*
Last Name*
Suncor Badge Number*
Date Of Birth* (dd/mm/yyyy)
Email*Required for results notification*
Mobile Number*
Required for results notification*
Today's Date* (dd/mm/yyyy)

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